Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year Everyone :)
Hope You Have A Great One & 2011 Is Even Better :D

Love You

I thought of you today,
but that's nothing new
I thought about you yesterday,
and the days before that, too

I think of you in silence,
I often speak your name
All I have are memories,
and a picture in a frame

Your memory's my keepsake,
with which I will never part
God has you in his safekeeping,
I have you in my heart 

Missing You Chelsea. 6 Years Gone Today & Not A Day We Don't Think Of You
Love You xoxo

Thursday, December 30, 2010

My 2010.. Part 1

January - March

I'm going to try recall my 2010 just by the best bits :) It was actually a great year. Lost someone but also gained a lot of friends that I can't imagine my life without. I didn't get a camera until half way through the year so i don't have photos for much :P


Not much happened in January. One of my best friend's Mod turned 18 on the 10th of January  and the night of her birthday we just went to the home in Balbriggan but she had an 18th the week later which was amazing :)

These are just a few pictures of nights out, mostly in Base Bar.


On the 3rd of February my niece Sophie was born. Shes such a cutie :) 
Then went out in town one night and went to Break For The Border for someone's birthday which i can't remember :(  I got in a mess and left and walked to the bus by myself..

Then the next ones are just randoms of being in the George & The Dragon. Then some of a party we went to where I was attacked by fake tan by Vicki & we dressed Ian up as a drag which we names D-iana Gorj.

The Night Of Dragging Ian Up ;)


In March I went away for the weekend to Mullingar (06 - 07 March) for a friends birthday. It was one of the best weekends of my life. We only stayed one night in the hotel but it was great. Went to a few pubs and clubs down there and the next day we were in bits with a hangover :( Won't ever forget it though :)

17th of March was Paddy's Day so me and Conor went for one in De Bruns then went for a few on the nack... Can't recall what i done the rest of the day tho haha

Part 2 Coming Soon...

Funny Youtube Videos

I love all these Youtube videos. There so funny <3

Mad TV - Britney & Madonna

Mad TV is a sketch program in the USA that just rips the piss out of celebs. This one is my favorite. I think the girl looks like Britney an the lyrics are gas <3
Heres some other good ones from Mad TV

Mad TV - Christina Aguilera

Mad TV - Celine Dion

Insane Woman Screaming on The Train

I couldn't believe this one when i watched it. Its real so I think your one has mental problems LOL and yes she is saying "I'm gonna cut her breasts off" and "I'm gonna put a knife up her ass" =/

Bo Selecta' - Kelly Osbourne

I miss Bo Selecta' :( When they slag Kelly Osbourne its actually hilarious... Theres a skit where she has her own show called "The Kelly Osbourne Show". There was only 3 episodes of it and I found a video on Youtube that has them all together but for some reason I can't put it on this :/ heres the link anyways 

Heres one of them too

Little Britain - Marjorie Dawes

Smack The Pony - Thong Show Off

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Christmas...

My Christmas started early because I went out in Balbriggan on the Thursday the 23rd for a few drinks with Lynette & Jackie. We started in the Millrace then went to De Bruns for a few and went to a little rave that was on downstairs then to the Home. I ended up leaving the Home at half one and went back to the Bruns... It was crazy but ill keep my secrets ;) Ha

Me & Jackie

Lynette & Paul

Me & Mini

Jake Faye & Me

So Christmas Eve I think I had like 1 drink. Mostly because I love Xmas day & I didn't wanna be dying.

Had a great Christmas day. I have a lot of nieces and a nephew & i love watching them open there presents every year. It does be so funny - they don't know what's going on. I think one of the most important things about Christmas is being around family so I try to be around them as much as I can. Had a few drinks with the family at dinner then went in for a few in my friend Elaine's house. Later on, we went to Conor's sisters but me & Elaine were running out of drink so we made our way home. There was no taxis so we had to walk & got too lazy so went to a party in my friend Viki's house. It was a great night :) Also for some reason I was mad for one of them one-sies out of Penny's, so i wore one on Xmas eve...

My Nieces On Xmas Day

My Gorj Dinner...

Steven's Day I went to a session, then went to, i'd say, every pub in Balbriggan for drinks. Everyone was out from friends to family and i actually had an amazing day. This is the only proper photo i can find. Kind of sums me up when i go out in Balbriggan. Very drunk in the girls toilets while people take pictures of me on top of a sink.. Haha

This Christmas really made me realize how amazing some of my friends are and how much I love them & would hate for them to ever leave.

It also showed me how important family is & its the time to be around family and friends. 
Thank you to everyone who i enjoyed it with & I really had one of the best Xmas's ever..

Hurry up New Years :)