Thursday, January 6, 2011

My New Years

So on NYE I went to a party in Balbriggan with Jackie, Lynette, Maria & loads of other people :)
I was with two of my favourite people at 12 o clock - Jackie & Lynette & it made it an even better night :D

New Years Day was brilliant. First we were meant to be going to Skerries but that idea went out of our head after a few drinks. We pre-drank in Teresas then went to the Millrace. It's an alri pub but its worse when there's some prics there that think there mad calling me a puff. I think when people call me gay or a faggot or whatever, they expect me to walk away but I always confront them and most of the times they just sit there and say nothing or say "I never said anything". Just like the dope in Millrace. He just denied it. He got abused off all of us though :) Like whats the point in calling me a faggot ? I don't need to be reminded - I know I am & I don't care & I Actually love it. What a little bitch he was . Anyways, we then went to the Harvest & The Milestone. The same DJ was in the 2 places & his head was recked with me asking him to play Kesha again & again 

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