Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Favourite Live Performances... Part 1

Mariah Carey
I'm a huge fan of Mariah's so any performance is great to me. These two come to mind first, though. The first one is "We Belong Together / Fly Like A Bird" live at the 2006 Grammys and when i first heard it I got shivers.

The next one is "Yours" live on The Today Show 2003. Amazing but what is she wearing ?

Lady Gaga
This one is "Poker Face" on Jonathan Ross. It's a rockier version & I wish there was a studio version :( I Loveeee it

I think everyone has seen this one

Nicki Minaj
Singing recently on Ellen. I love her heels

I know Kesha isn't the best singer live :P but i love this performance. Apparently, there was loads of complaints in Australia when her tights get ripped. I don't think its that bad though

Britney, Madonna & Christina Aguilera
Everyone has seen this video haha. The only bit of lezzy action I love LOL I think its funny the way all the drama was about Britney kissing Madonna & Christina hardly got any attention. Missy Elliott loving it when she hops out.

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