Friday, January 21, 2011

My 2010.. Part 4

October - December


On the 10th of October me & Conor went to see Kate Nash in the academy. We had already seen her as Oxegen but went to see her again for Conor's birthday. Shes was great :D Brigitte Aphrodite supported her and they were actually really good. They reminded me of a poor man's Kate Nash though. Since it was a Sunday we decided to just rent a hotel room because it was cheaper than getting a taxi home. After the concert we went to the George :)

From the 21st - 24th I went back to Essex with Ian. Seriously had the best time ever. So many memories. I have way to much photos so I'm just gonna link them to my Facebook page & hopefully you can see them...

The 27th of October had been a day I was waiting for, for what seems a lifetime. Lady Gaga was playing in the O2 in Dublin & we had got our tickets months before. I was more excited than I had ever been for a concert & she didn't dissapoint. Not that I thought she would. We had drinks on the train then went to some random pubs in town then went the O2. She sang all her songs obv and it was fucking great.. Before this Pink was my favourite concert but Gaga bet it. We went the George after too 

31st October was Halloween so me & Ian went to the George dressed as nannas :) I was meant to be Kesha but it didn't work out :(

Thats pretty much all of my 2010 :P from November on I started using the blog so there should be photos from most of my weekends :)

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