Monday, January 17, 2011

My 2010.. Part 3

July - September


From the 8th - 11th I was at Oxegen. It was the 2nd Oxegen I'v been to (I was at the one the year before) & it was just as i expected: AMAZING. Camped in blue camp with all my mates & only 5 minutes from the food which suited me :) My fave acts were Kate Nash, 30 Seconds To Mars, Black Eyes Peas & Florence. I supposed Eminem was alri too but I'm not mad about him. Really can't wait for this year :D

The Sign I Made For Kate Nash But Forgot It =/

Kate Nash

30 Seconds To Mars

Probably My Favourite Photo Ever


At Florence & The Machine

On the 20th of July me, Ian & Ruth went to Tomangoes for my friend Vicki Levins birthday. I was never in Tomangoes before this and it was a great night and id go again but I couldn't go more than once a month. Too straight for me ha

The next day we went to PrHomo @ Basebar for Vicki's birthday again. This day was actually my 1st year anniversary of coming out... If that makes sense lol

The 24th Of July I went to a benefit night for the father of my sister Michelle's kids. It was local in De Bruns. He was a mad Chelsea fan so the dress code was Chelsea gear :) as per usual I ended up in a pair of heels :) It was really a great night and I think he would of liked it :)

My Ma Only Reckin It With Me


On the 6th I went to WAR In Andrews Lane Theater. It was like me 2nd or 3rd time at WAR and I'v been a few time since but this was the best night. The theme was Paint War. When we walked in there was paint brushes & paint etc. and I said I wouldn't get any paint on me but sure I had to. Ended up being very messy but a class night :D

I have loads of pics for this but can't find the memory card there on :( Hopefully this link works 

The 24th I went to a debs with my best friend Muireann :) Was a great debs but no party's after :( Went home & stayed in Conors  - who was trying to do cartwheels up against the wall.. Ill never forget it :)


Fail Of A Handstand


For some reason I have no photos for anything in September =/ 

Part 4 Coming Soon...

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