Friday, January 7, 2011

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I first heard of Keyshia Cole back in 2005 when i heard her on my sisters iPod, with the song I Should Of Cheated. Since then i'v been hooked on her. I got her debut album The Way It Is & it was alright.
I really start getting obsessed with her when she released her second album Just Like You in 2007. Its full of r'n'b bangers like Let It Go ft. Lil Kim & Missy Elliott and Shoulda Let You Go. But also has slow jams like Just Like You, I Remember and Heaven Sent. Deffo 1 of my favorite albums ever.
Wasn't to mad on her third album A Different Me but she's back with fourth album Calling All Hearts.
Iv been waiting for this album for a long time and it's actually good :)
Better than all her other albums except Just Like You.

I Ain't Thru ft Nicki Minaj: Keyshia released this as the first single & even thought it's great, it didn't do very well. Nicki Minaj's verse makes the song though :)

If I Fall In Love Again (feat. Faith Evans): I love Faith Evans but i thought this song wouldn't be that good because there voices are kinda the same but it's a great mid-tempo song.

Take Me Away: This is a great song about her husband. I Think she should release this as next single.

Last Hangover: This song  is produced by Timbaland. It's not as good a beat as other Timbaland songs but its still a great song :)

Overall 4/5
A great album but I would of liked more up-beat songs. I love depressing songs but theres only so many u can take before you get bored of an album. I love the song about Jesus too :) LOL

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