Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My 2010.. Part 2

April - June


I Turned 20 on the 28th April which was a Wednesday and probably the worst day ever to have a birthday. On thursday the 29th me Ian, Conor & Jake had pre-drinks in my mas then met Vicki on the train. Then we headed in to base bar and back to a party.. I still remember the bus ride home the next day. It must of bin the worst one ever :(

Then on the Friday, the 30th, we went the George and met with our friend Leah :)


My little niece Shauna made her communion on the 8th of May and she looked deadly :) 
On the 22nd of May I went to see Rihanna for the 3rd time.. I thought she was brilliant. Not as good as before but still amazing. Pixie Lott supported her  & I love her. Shes a ride :)

I had to rush home from Rihanna because it was my friend Lynette's 21st. I was recked but i managed to party away until all hours :) We went out the next day too because we were all DYING. Such a laugh :D


I went to Essex with Elaine & Sarah from the 17 - 22nd of June. I Have no photos from this and its mad because I had a great weekend :) I seriously love that place am hopefully i'll be moving over soon ;)

On the 23rd me & Ian went to see Paramore in Marley Park. They were supporting Green Day but we left after Paramore. I think we got the tickets for like 20€ 'cos were mad for them :) I think this was our third time seeing them but after wards we were dying to go out so we went to Panti Bar & because it was Pride week Katherine Lynch was on. She was hilarious & I met her downstairs while Ian was going toilet LOL After that we went to The George where there was like an America's Next Top Model thing for Drag Queens. It was a great night but iv no photos :(

On the 26th it was Gay Pride & my 1st :) This was deffo one of my favorite days of the year. It was crazy :D We went to the Front Lounge to meet my sister, then seen the parade and then went to the after show. Drank a few cans on the park & went to the Dragon & Mother :) Seriously a brilliant day/night.

The next day it was my friend Elaine's Anne Summers party for her 19th. I only went up late but for some reason me Ian & Conor start wearing tin-foil, mirrors & selotaping sandwiches to our crotches LOL enjoy :P

Part 3 Coming Soon...

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